Welcome to De Beauvoir Gardeners’ Chelsea Fringe website!

De Beauvoir Gardeners – making the streets of Hackney flourish….

Image© David Altheer/lovingdalston.co.uk

De Beauvoir Gardeners is a community group for anyone in and around Hackney who loves plants and has a window-box, a small patch of ground, an allotment or a garden – and now they don’t even need that! We are kick-starting a community gardening initiative to make the streets of Hackney bloom ever more brightly.

We intend to create  pop-up mini-gardens,  using builders’ bags as containers, for the duration of the Fringe (or as long as they can be kept looking attractive by their individual creators and supporters); and, together with teams of neighbours, work to renovate the neglected areas underneath our local street trees and other plantings, with the support of the Council.

Local people who live near areas of neglected public planting want to enhance our neighbourhood, changing weedy and litter-strewn eyesores into places of beauty.  We are working together as neighbours to improve our immediate environment and hoping to inspire everyone to get involved.

You can become part of the Chelsea Fringe by joining our campaign.  Just e-mail us atdbg.chelseafringe@gmail.com

Find us at dbgchelseafringe.wordpress.com and on Twitter at twitter.com/DBGfringe

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  1. This looks fantastic! Well done you….


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