Hackney or Islington… can you guess where?

On my ride home from work last Friday (cycling from Islington to Hackney), I noticed as I crossed the border, how different the street planting situation is. So I snapped a few photos just to prove a point that as resident of Hackney (or anywhere, as everyone is welcome) you really should get involved in helping us set up a few pop up gardens on the streets.

So this game is called ‘Hackney or Islington’ and as the title rather obviously gives away, you have to guess which borough these tree pits are in…

Tree pit no.1

Had a guess? Yes this rather neglected tree pit is in Hackney…

Tree pit no.2

Quietly stunning isn’t it?… Yes this on Newington Green in Islington.

Tree pit no.3

Yes, somebody on Southgate Road loves this tree pit, and indeed it’s on the Islington side.

Tree pit no.4

Yes, another tree that we a few bulbs or wildflower seeds could really be brightened up, its a Hackney pit on Northchurch Terrace.

Tree pit no.5

It’s another Newington Green beauty…. an Islington tree pit- check out that mulching!

Tree pit no.6

Yes, we’re finding a theme here. This time one of the famous and fabulous Ockendon Road pits.

Tree pit no.7

Another Ockendon Road delight…

Tree pit no.8

And finally, another sad Southgate Road, Hackney number.

People of Hackney…. your streets need you!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by courtyardgardener on April 30, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    This is quite shaming isn’t it, I had never noticed how nice some of the Islington ones were. Are those herbs in the Ockendon road ones? We definitely need to take some inspiration for the Hackney side of the border!


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