Stop the press!

There has been a flutter of interest among the local press with our project this week. One newspaper sent a reporter to interview and photograph, another has requested photographs for their article. So keep your eyes peeled for us in the news! I thought I’d share a few photos taken for the occasion… Make sure your friends and neighbours hear about our project, as no input is too small; maybe you want to plant some bulbs, scatter some wildflower seeds or maybe you are willing to jump in and set up a ‘pop up garden’ yourself. I’m going to upload a how to article next to inspire and encourage you!

Behind the scenes:

A neighbour and I with a collection of seedlings all coming along for the show.


 Growing in the green house, among a range of other plants are, a mix of salads, mange touts, cosmos, wildflowers and sweet peas.

Wanting to show how easily a pop up could be made using the free compost we have and a Hackney garden waste bag, I put together a ‘garden’ for the camera..

One response to this post.

  1. Or rather – DON’T stop the Press, if it gets the word out there ever faster and further around Hackney! Come on everyone, look at our Hackney streets and let’s take a leaf out of Islington’s book this May….


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