So you want to grow vegetables in your pop up garden…..

Maybe flowers aren’t your thing, maybe you enjoy growing for reasons of your own edible benefit. Have you ever thought about growing veg in a pop up garden? Don’t be put off the idea, as long as you are growing at a raised level, there is no reason not to try. Our very own wonderfully knowledgeable Diana Weir has suggested checking out BBC radio 4’s ‘Gardeners’ Question Time‘ this week as the question is raised, ‘How does one create raised beds on paved areas?’ Scan 24 minutes into the programme where it is pointed out that ideally a container for growing vegetables is:

  • At the very minimum, 12 inches high (on top of 6 inches of large rocks or other coarse material to drain water.)
  • Has at least 6 inches of rubble and coarse draining material.
  • Makes good use of a barrier layer such as an old net cutain to stop the soil particles washing down and blocking up the drainage.
It was suggested that in this kind of container, one could grow; root crops such as carrots and parsnips, as well as a wide range of beans- for example, climbing, French and runner. An extra tip being that pinching off the top of the plant will stunt it’s growth so that your beans don’t get too tall!
Listen to the programme in its entirety here.
Have you got any advice for easy growing vegetables in containers? Leave a comment below or contact us at

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