Community get stuck in as preparation of site begins!

Could it be that the sun came out especially for the Hackney residents as preparation of the sites began on the streets? Yesterday was Day 1 of getting ready and residents, supporters of the community and members of the De Beauvoir Gardeners’ all got involved.

The indefatigable Alison Benjamin got her hands well and truly dirty as she did an incredible job weeding and digging in compost and top soil at the cherry tree site at the junction of Northchurch Terrace and Southgate Road.


Diana Weir and neighbours got tree pits ready along Hertford Road and I very luckily got the job of picking out the flowers that the amazingly generous people at North One Garden Centre donated to our project! They didn’t just donate the plants but gave fantastic advice about what to use (Alison was obviously very keen that we got some bee-friendly flowers!). They will be providing help next week as well; a big thank you will be made to our local garden centre – so watch this space! If you are looking for plants, tools pr anything garden-related, do go and check out the centre at 25 Englefield Road, N1 4EU. Last month I managed to buy an exquisite jewel orchid as a birthday present for my housemate there; it is a treasure trove of finds.

Here is the cart filled with flowers that I wheeled back to store in my back garden:


After collecting the plants, I helped Alison dig in the top soil, ready for the compost that arrived today (17 tons!) I shall be posting about that next…It has arrived in Dalston! So contact us at if you want to know where to go and get it for your chosen street site! Now I’m off to run and get my free compost bin in Camden. I shall also be posting before and after photos so, if you are involved, please send me a ‘before’ photo before you get started, or email me and I will try and take one for you.


                                                   A job well done!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great work at the western end of De Beauvoir; lots more to do at the north-east, though, so shall hope to see some more helpers there tomorrow, after the De Beauvoir Gardeners’ plant sale in Northchurch Terrace in the morning….


  2. Posted by courtyardgardener on May 14, 2012 at 10:22 am

    That does look great – well done all!! Really looking forward to seeing these planted up, they are such a great space and there must be lots of people passing each day – that bus stop is always busy, and so many cyclists pass there – so lots of people to enjoy it when it’s done.


    • And it’s not the only junction site in De Beauvoir that’s being renovated for this Chelsea Fringe project…. There’s another one at the north-east corner, where Hertford Road joins Stamford Road – and even more tree pits and huge corner beds are being steadily denuded of their awful weed infestation. Our planting may end up being less lavish than that at Northchurch Road/Southgate Road but the effort deserves equal notice – and more help by local gardeners with their own rubber gloves, sharp weeding trowels and time to spare this week. Any offers?


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