And so the compost has arrived!

As promised by London Waste, 15 tones (or rather 17!) of free compost was delivered to us on Friday. One of my kind neighbours, who is very much involved with the project, kindly drove us over and back with a good few bags to be used by residents in De Beauvoir.


If you have ever wondered what happens to the stuff you put inside your brown garden waste bins – this is it!

So first we had to pile the compost into bags and then wheel it across the garden to the car.



Then together we loaded it into the boot and drove it back into De Beauvoir Town.

If you haven’t got room where you live to make your own compost then, as long as you can find street planting space in Hackney to renovate and neighbours to help out, good ripe compost for use on this project doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

The same stuff was used, much to the delight of the community, at the De Beauvoir Family Growing Day today at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.


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  1. Wow – go go go… its all looking great and very exciting. Great job everyone!


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