So who exactly is involved….?

I did the maths this evening….

1 gardening club- De Beauvoir Gardeners

1 incredibly generous supporter –N1 garden centre

18 keen and hardworking individual residents – See our fantastic pop up map

2 groups of residents- Somerford Grove and Olympic House

1 individual donor – Sharon Louise Maidment

1 theatre – The Rosemary Branch

1 cafe- Tin Cafe

1 community garden- The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

26 five and six year old children growing plants at Pooles Park Primary School

4 very enthusiastic and hard working members of the steering group – Diana Weir, Francesca Bartlett, Miranda Janatka,  and Tigger Cullinan

and 10 local residents who have agreed to help maintain and look out for the gardens.

That’s about 150 people! So congratulations every one, we are nearly there! A big thank you to everyone who is helping make this happen…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Add another local cafe, very soon: I have just managed to get Mouse & de Lotz in Shacklewell Lane site approval in principle from our omniscient friend at the Council, arboriculturist Rupert Bentley-Walls, for a massive triple builders’ bag pop-up garden – to liven up the huge triangular traffic island opposite the cafe, just west of the memorial garden in the middle of the Lane.


  2. Now add another group of neighbours, gradually emerging from their homes to join the work on the Hertford Road/Stamford Road junction tree pits – mostly residents from Hertford Road but now also being supported, in all imaginable practical ways, by our ever-helpful friend, Kirsty Norman, from just down the road in De Beauvoir Square.


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