Where will you be this Friday? Want to show some support?

Many gardeners, including myself will be using Friday afternoon/evening to get their plants in place to be ready for the Chelsea Fringe Festival! I spent yesterday evening starting to plan out my site. I plan to make a line of flowers surrounding each cherry tree (at the junction of Northchurch Road and Southgate Road- next to the De Beauvoir Deli). I am hoping each line will create an octagonal shape, and I will use a palette of white and blue flowers.

1 half of the Construction site

So please pop down and say hi, between 6 and 8 when myself and helpers will be planting! Please do let me know where you will be working this weekend, and I can post it so neighbours can come by and show their support!

The yellow spanner is where I shall be working! Hackney, post code- N1 3JD


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  1. Please add another yellow spanner for the junction of Hertford Road and Stamford Road, where I and the ever-helpful Kirsty Norman (plus anyone else locally who’s free to help) will be working on a similar and more complicated site – albeit less of a flagship one! – off and on over the next three days. Like you, we aim to get the planting done on Friday to be ready for the launch of Chelsea Fringe on Saturday morning. Fingers crossed for enough plant donations to make a good show and for dry weather to make the hard work more fun than chore!


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