Residents come together to brighten up Hackney street

Local residents get involved in the planting up

At 6pm yesterday residents of Hackney dropped in on their way home from work to help out with the planting up of the 2 cherry trees on the junction of Northchurch Road and Southgate Road.

We start arranging the plants

Work started earlier in the afternoon, I rushed home from work and Francesca Herrick arrived promptly at 4.30 and we moved all the plants from my back garden to the site. The weather looked as if it might turn wet, but fortunately for us, the rain stayed away. At 5pm Beatrice from N1 garden centre joined us and help us arrange the plants around each tree and we started planting up.

The knowledgeable and amazingly helpful Beatriz from N1 garden centre

Fran kindly sorted out our banner and bought coffees for Beatrice and and myself and Beatriz as work started to get dirty.

Fran presents our banner

I was worried as it started to get dark that it would be just the three of us planting, and I was using a trowel without a handle as it had broke in my hand! I got concerned about long it would be before it started to get dark. Fortunately I needed not worry as at least 15 neighbours showed up throughout the evening, some prepared and some greeted with ‘Go home and grab a trowel!’

All hands on deck

Mark, a local resident told me that he really enjoyed the planting and had met some really lovely people.

One local kindly brought her granddaughter to help us out! Many hands made light work of the planting.

The plants were very thirsty going into the ground, but a neighbour living very close to the site generously offered us the use of her external water tap.

Map and banner on site

The before photos:

Before- The south side cherry tree site

Before- North side cherry tree site

And the after photos:

After- North side site complete

After-South side site

After we finished we crossed the road to the Northgate pub and had a well deserved drink! It was almost as satisfying as hearing the rain start as I fell asleep later that night. I never thought I would be so pleased to hear the rain… a massive thank you to everyone who helped out yesterday. So many residents living close by came and shared their appreciation of the work, and already there has been so much interest from other Hackney residents. It is such an incredible improvement on such a large site! Good luck with all your planting today, I shall be around later with a camera, after my Islington Master Gardener training (no rest for the wicked, eh?)

Passers by on their way home check out the map of sites.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Fantastic stuff, Miranda! Never heard of a planting party before but clearly it’s the way to get this stuff done…. Now I’ll try again to convene the Hertford Road/Stamford Road gang and see whether we can get all our other tree pits planted up, as well as the two huge corner ones that Kirsty helped me do yesterday.
    Anyone who still has any unwanted garden plants, topsoil and/or LondonWaste compost that we might have, do please let me know….


  2. Posted by Alison benjamin on May 20, 2012 at 8:33 am

    Site looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see it in person when I get back from my hols. All that weeding was worth it. Alison x


  3. Yes it was, thanks so so much for your help Alison. Hoping to get a little more of your help when you’re back 🙂


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