More and more neighbours join in with helping out

I have felt overwhelmed by the positive response and increasing involvement from the local community about our project. Every day I am unable to cycle past without stopping to greet someone admiring the flowers, watering the flowers or bringing more flowers to add to the tree pit. I struggle to stay on top of the cuttings and donated plants being delivered to my driveway (but don’t worry we have many tree pits that need brightening up!). Maria Pinschof kindly donated some beautiful flowers which Diana was grateful to receive and is about to use on phase II of the Hertford Road site.

As I stopped to talk to Maria today, who was on site watering the cherry trees at the Southgate Road/Northchurch Road junction, Emma, a neighbour whom neither Maria or myself had met before, came over with a bucket of water to help us and some beautiful pansies. Maria and I got to work adding them to the site, and Emma kindly agreed to let me video her. So let me introduce Emma, she moved to London from Armenia in 1956 and lives around the corner from the cherry trees in Hackney.

I also bumped into 2 younger keen gardeners Alec and Teddy yesterday. I originally met them at a family growing day at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden last Sunday, where I showed them how to make seed bombs. I was pleased to see that they are not only fantastic gardeners but quite the young entrepreneurs! Well done boys; they are currently on the look out for a tree pit near their house where they can plant some seeds or flowers.

Alec and Teddy sell lemonade locally

Alec and Teddy sell lemonade locally


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