I do my own little planting today

So after the amazingly busy weekend, I was far too tired to make it to the Chelsea Fringe party tonight. I’m sure they are having quite the ball though! I made my weary way home and then looked in horror at some of the plants that have been sat in my drive, they needed planting, and quickly. So I was actually pleased to have a bit of time to myself in the sun planting out some donated plants. My next door neighbours came out for a chat, they said they would contribute to the watering. I had locals walking past just saying thank you for what I was doing, and then there was the incredibly generous neighbour who brought out for me a fork (the ground was incredibly hard), a watering can (I was using an old tonic bottle- tells you more about my lifestyle than you need to know!) and a cup of tea. Being out on the street really is the best way to get to know your neighbours and I realised how lucky I am to have such kind neighbours. Walking down the street later, I was invited to dinner next week by some locals, so if anyone else is looking to feed someone- you’re very welcome to feed me!

One of the two tree pits before I started work.

So I de-weeded, scratched at the mud and then built it up with a 50/50 mix of compost and top soil. I popped in my plants as deep as I could and then patted down the soil around them (I am concerned about squirrels!). Some plants hopefully will do well there, some probably won’t, but my favourite thing about gardening is that you can just have a go! I then gave all the drinks a massive drink of water after planting….

The fork, watering can and cup of tea kindly brought out to me by a lovely lady living on my street.


I quite fancied sprucing up these tree pits, but the kids on my street very much enjoy creating a football pitch out of the area… can you see it? Fair enough, its their neighbourhood too! I’m glad they’ve got a safe place to play. Maybe I’ll get some hardy wildflower seeds down and see how they do.

Finished! Lets see if these plants survive!

Please send me your photos and stories of success/barriers at dbg.chelseafringe@gmail.com and I can share them online!


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  1. Posted by courtyardgardener on May 22, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Looks nice! I hope they do well. Hopefully they will enjoy a bit of warmth finally from today!!


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