Donation request for King Henry’s Walk pop up gardens

It really brightens up my day cycling past the King Henry’s Walk Garden Pop ups.

One of their pop ups on Balls Pond Road

One of their beautiful pop ups on Balls Pond Road

However it broke my heart today to read that their pop ups have suffered vandalism. One to such a degree that the whole display has been stolen. Please do contact them at if you would like to help them replant or dontate some plants. I shall be taking up some Nasturtiums that I grew from seed on Thursday (when I go up for a session as part of my bee keeping course- do see their website for an amazing range of courses that they offer).


Join us on the ‘Tour de Beauvoir’

At 2pm on Saturday the 9th of June, I shall be be leading a walking tour around highlights of the gardens which have just been installed by the residents of Hackney on our streets. This tour will be set in De Beauvoir Town (which is a really beautiful tucked away part of Hackney) Do join us, I will be explaining how we got the community together and made it happened! Why not try it in your borough…….?

What you can do if you want to help without actually planting….

Meet Bronwyn- she is a local Hackney resident. Like many girls her age- her hectic life consists of work, gym and an enviable social life. She feels as if she can’t find the time or space to get into growing. However she has been really impressed, pleased and inspired by all the gardens popping up around her. So here is her message of support and what she is going to do as a result of the project.

Remember Teddy? Guess who I got an email from today

Alec and Teddy

When I last saw the boys yesterday they told me that they were looking for a good tree pit to use. Much to my delight I recieved a very succinct email from Teddy ‘Iv found a tree. Teddy’. I was very excited to reply (the teacher in me pleased that there was some literacy among this activity), so I thought I would share the emails with you,

Hi tech, low tech, younger, older…. so many people are getting involved in so many different ways, its fantastic!


I’m in Hackney Today, well aren’t I every day?

Hackney Today on the Fringe’s origins; (Don’t make any mistakes about me- I’m proud to made in Wembley)

If you are lucky enough to live in Hackney, chances are the ‘Hackney Today’ newspaper was popped through your door this morning. We got a really large spread and look what they had to say about our project:

Good stuff! There is still time to get involved- email us at if you want to do some on the street gardening or just want to donate some plants.

I do my own little planting today

So after the amazingly busy weekend, I was far too tired to make it to the Chelsea Fringe party tonight. I’m sure they are having quite the ball though! I made my weary way home and then looked in horror at some of the plants that have been sat in my drive, they needed planting, and quickly. So I was actually pleased to have a bit of time to myself in the sun planting out some donated plants. My next door neighbours came out for a chat, they said they would contribute to the watering. I had locals walking past just saying thank you for what I was doing, and then there was the incredibly generous neighbour who brought out for me a fork (the ground was incredibly hard), a watering can (I was using an old tonic bottle- tells you more about my lifestyle than you need to know!) and a cup of tea. Being out on the street really is the best way to get to know your neighbours and I realised how lucky I am to have such kind neighbours. Walking down the street later, I was invited to dinner next week by some locals, so if anyone else is looking to feed someone- you’re very welcome to feed me!

One of the two tree pits before I started work.

So I de-weeded, scratched at the mud and then built it up with a 50/50 mix of compost and top soil. I popped in my plants as deep as I could and then patted down the soil around them (I am concerned about squirrels!). Some plants hopefully will do well there, some probably won’t, but my favourite thing about gardening is that you can just have a go! I then gave all the drinks a massive drink of water after planting….

The fork, watering can and cup of tea kindly brought out to me by a lovely lady living on my street.


I quite fancied sprucing up these tree pits, but the kids on my street very much enjoy creating a football pitch out of the area… can you see it? Fair enough, its their neighbourhood too! I’m glad they’ve got a safe place to play. Maybe I’ll get some hardy wildflower seeds down and see how they do.

Finished! Lets see if these plants survive!

Please send me your photos and stories of success/barriers at and I can share them online!

More and more neighbours join in with helping out

I have felt overwhelmed by the positive response and increasing involvement from the local community about our project. Every day I am unable to cycle past without stopping to greet someone admiring the flowers, watering the flowers or bringing more flowers to add to the tree pit. I struggle to stay on top of the cuttings and donated plants being delivered to my driveway (but don’t worry we have many tree pits that need brightening up!). Maria Pinschof kindly donated some beautiful flowers which Diana was grateful to receive and is about to use on phase II of the Hertford Road site.

As I stopped to talk to Maria today, who was on site watering the cherry trees at the Southgate Road/Northchurch Road junction, Emma, a neighbour whom neither Maria or myself had met before, came over with a bucket of water to help us and some beautiful pansies. Maria and I got to work adding them to the site, and Emma kindly agreed to let me video her. So let me introduce Emma, she moved to London from Armenia in 1956 and lives around the corner from the cherry trees in Hackney.

I also bumped into 2 younger keen gardeners Alec and Teddy yesterday. I originally met them at a family growing day at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden last Sunday, where I showed them how to make seed bombs. I was pleased to see that they are not only fantastic gardeners but quite the young entrepreneurs! Well done boys; they are currently on the look out for a tree pit near their house where they can plant some seeds or flowers.

Alec and Teddy sell lemonade locally

Alec and Teddy sell lemonade locally